HIPAA Security Rule Lawyer Cleveland OH

HIPAA Security Rule Lawyer Cleveland OH

At Mishkind Kulwiki Law Co, L.P.A., a HIPAA Security Rule Lawyer Cleveland OH residents trust can counsel suppliers, healthcare providers, and other related entities in ensuring they are HIPAA compliant. Medical entities must deal with hefty volumes of patient information, and have to handle them in a manner that doesn’t violate state privacy laws. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a complex set of regulations in which the requirements have to be met. We know that trying to understand and unravel these expectations on your own can be challenging, which is why we offer guidance in this area. 

HIPAA Privacy Rule
The restrictions on how protected health details are used and disclosed is included within the HIPAA Privacy Rules. The information obtained by a health provider or supplier is categorized as “protected information”. So, the HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes rules for how patient data can be utilized within the practice or disclosed to outside entities. Generally, this information can only be used for payment, treatment, and healthcare operations.

Healthcare providers need to have their patients sign an authorization document that complies with the rules set forth in HIPAA. However, there are some exceptions to the privacy rule, where information that would otherwise be protected can be disclosed without prior approval from the patient. For instance, some information may be disclosed as required by law.

Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, patients have the right to review and copy their records, have details amended, to request that their information not be disclosed, to receive notice of privacy policies, and to file complaints with the medical entity. A medical facility must property train workers on these policies as well. 

As your Ohio HIPAA Security Rule Lawyer in Cleveland can go over with you, examples of issues that medical entities will have to address in order to meet the requirements of HIPAA Privacy Rule include:

  • Appointing a privacy officer to receive complaints
  • Developing consent, authorization, and notice forms for patients
  • Drafting agreements with all related business associates
  • Training employees on HIPAA Privacy Rules

Conducting Risk Analysis
The HIPAA security rule necessitates that medical entities run a risk analysis to uncover risks to protected health information within the electronic platform. Then, plans to address these risks must be implemented. Medical facilities are required to establish safeguards, administrative procedures, and security to protect the confidentiality of their patient’s information.

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