Surgical Injury Lawyer Cleveland OH

A surgical injury lawyer Cleveland OH residents trust at Mishkind Kulwicki Law Co., L.P.A. can imagine the anguish you and your family may be going through due to a doctor’s error. The most tragic injuries and fatal incidents are often due to surgical mistakes. If your procedure went wrong, it is possible that the doctor committed an error that could have been avoided. We understand that going through a surgery and having things turn out not how you imagined, can be immensely difficult to accept. That is why we fight relentlessly for clients who were wronged because of medical malpractice.

When surgeons and doctors violate the standards of care expected among the medical community, innocent people can get hurt. We believe the offending parties should be held accountable. If you suspect that a doctor, surgeon, or other medical practitioner made an error which led to your harm, then call us right now for advice. 

Examples of Surgical Mistakes

There is so much going on during a surgery, that even in very common procedures things can go awry. This is why every surgery must be carried out with precautions and safety considerations met. However, even with the strictest hospital protocols, there are times where a medical practitioner strays from this and causes harm. Common examples of injuries that can be caused due to a surgeon error include: 

  • Preventable infections
  • Leaving a surgical tool behind inside the patient
  • Damage to nearby organs, tissues, ligaments, and nerves
  • Anesthesia error (especially when it comes to allergic reactions)

A medical negligence lawyer Cleveland OH community members rely on has seen how tragically patients can suffer at the hands of careless doctors. We are not intimidated by big offenders such as hospitals and health organizations. Our client’s health is our top priority and we are prepared to advocate for them. If any of this information applies to you or a loved one, we urge you to call our office immediately. 

Repercussion of Surgery Errors

Surgical mistakes are often severe, and require further medical attention afterwards. Our team of attorneys have assisted clients and their families with injuries such as infections, organ damage, excessive bleeding, anesthesia complications, brain damage, fatality, and more. As the victim of a medical malpractice event, you have the right to seek compensation for what you have lost and endured. Examples of compensation that you may be entitled to receive include medical expenses from the mistake, loss of earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Our team is ready to evaluate your claim to see if taking action is in your best interest. Call Mishkind Kulwicki Law Co., L.P.A. today to speak with an Ohio surgical injury lawyer in Cleveland about your case. 

Common Causes of Surgical Errors

Surgery is sometimes necessary to treat certain illnesses and injuries. While patients expect to come out of surgery feeling better, that does not always happen. Surgeons sometimes make mistakes during surgery that can harm their patients. Here are some common causes of surgical errors.

  • Incompetence. Mistakes during surgery are more likely to occur if the surgeon lacks experience. He or she may not possess the proper skills and training that more seasoned surgeons have and may make surgical errors.
  • Fatigue. Surgeons often work long hours and have demanding schedules. Eventually, the lack of proper rest will take its toll on the surgeons. Surgeons who are running on little sleep may lose focus during surgery and make serious mistakes. It is critical for surgeons to get proper rest before performing surgical procedures.
  • Drugs or alcohol. It may be difficult to imagine surgeons using drugs or alcohol, but it does happen. Unfortunately, some surgeons may use drugs or alcohol to stay alert during surgical procedures. However, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol increases the likelihood of mistakes that could seriously harm patients.
  • Poor planning. As a surgical injury lawyer in Cleveland, OH can confirm, surgical errors can also result from insufficient planning. It is important for surgical staff to thoroughly plan for the procedure they are about to perform. They should review medical histories, clean the equipment and practice the motions of the procedure. Proper planning will ensure that all the required equipment and tools are sterile and in working order and that surgical staff are all on the same page.
  • Poor communication. In order for everything to go smoothly during surgeries, surgical staff must communicate with one another. Unfortunately, however, poor communication still occurs. If they do not hear instructions correctly over the phone or have poor handwriting, mistakes can happen during surgeries.
  • Unsanitary conditions. Most surgical staff do everything they can to make sure operating rooms are completely sanitary. However, some staff members may not properly sanitize surgical tools, which can lead to severe infections in patients.
  • Insufficient staff. Surgeons need to have nurses and other staff to support them throughout surgical procedures. If there are not enough staff members, everyone on the surgical team may be overworked and stressed, which can lead to mistakes that can seriously harm patients.