April 2020

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

David & Leslie:

Thank you for your kindness.  You went above and beyond explaining everything to us.  I know that you both put a lot of time looking into this case and I greatly appreciate it.


Julie M.

Julie M.

December, 2019

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Dear Mishkind Kulwicki team, including Howard, Dave, Leslie, Kathy, and Carol:  Thank you so much for your greeting.  I especially appreciate the explanations that you included in your beautiful card in the “learn more” parts.  I am making copies of that area, so when I recommend your firm, I will have additional information to give.  We have had some very pleasant days this season, and the hope for your holidays will be fun, festivities, and much blessings.  Thank you so much for all you have done for us.

Sincerely yours,

Roberta S. and Family

Roberta S & Family

August, 2019

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Dear Mr. Mishkind, Kathy and Carol:

Thank you so much for what you have done for us.  We are so thankful for not only your service, but your attitude, your listening so well, that you knew our hearts and helped us to sort these issues out on our own.  There is no making light of the kindness you give.

I am sorry this note is so late in coming, but you remain in our hearts.  Carry on with what you do and how you do it.  Thank you for the brownies you sent us.  It was a beautiful present for us to sample on our 53rd anniversary.  Bless you all, and we appreciate all you do.

Yours Sincerely, Roberta S.

Roberta S.
September, 2018

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Dear Howard,

I am writing to express my deepest appreciation to you and your team for representing me in my vaccine injury case. You were always polite, professional and responsive in guiding me through the long and often tedious legal process required by the The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. You helped me achieve a good and fair settlement. As you know, I suffered through an extended period of hospitalization and recovery. Having missed so much time from work and facing future physical limitations, I thankfully no longer have to worry about my family’s financial security.

I would also like to thank your team, especially Leslie and Kathy, for their excellent assistance. I will not hesitate to recommend your legal service to anyone who may need it. Thank you Howard, for helping me move beyond this difficult challenge.


Vic W.
March 27, 2018

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Howard Mishkind, and his dedicated staff were very kind, polite, patient and professional with me during my unfortunate illness and subsequent litigation. I was not always available or able to communicate with them effectively, but they were more than patient and compassionate in every conversation and face-to-face meeting, for the three years that we have had to deal with this circumstance. The entire staff was timely in responses to phone calls, emails and office visits. They also showed my mother the same courtesy as was shown me. Also, they were very clear and concise as what to expect and the time frames in which to expect it in. At no point did I feel as if my questions were too dumb, nor my answers to their questions for me. My family and I were always treated with respect, no matter who we talked to in the office. The entire office was also willing to work with my current circumstances and abilities to come to an agreeable end. I highly recommend everyone at this firm for your needs when they arise.

Vera S.
November 14, 2017

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


If I thank you for what you did for me and my family, it would seem so very small in comparison for all that you have done.

Your kindness, generosity and assistance once again is so very much appreciated.

You always seem to be that one person who keeps the light shining for me that there are still genuinely good and compassionate people in this world.

My true admiration and respect for you runs deep, true to form.

Thank you for being the man that you are, but most of all thank you once again for all of your assistance.

Evelyn H.
December 1, 2016

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

If you ever need an attorney with heartfelt concern for justice for his client, follows up on every path regarding your case, keeps you well informed, helps you understand every step he is taking and why he is taking it; well, you need not look any further, Howard Mishkind is all of the above and more. I hit a wall and felt that there was no one out there that would care or even wanted to understand what loss I was going through, losing my husband after a hip replacement, the pain and loss was devastating. I have to live this every day. But with the help of Howard Mishkind and his wonderful staff and Kathy, they made this journey much easier. So yes, I highly recommend the Mishkind Kulwicki Law Co. Thank you for everything! May all of you have a Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

Janet D.
December 30, 2016

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

If you are serious about finding a law firm to represent you, look no further than the Mishkind Kulwicki law firm. They are the very best medical malpractice, failure to treat, personal injury law firm in Ohio! I can’t possibly heap enough accolades and kudos upon Mr. Howard Mishkind and Ms. Leslie Klausner. They are incredible professionals and practitioners! They will keep you updated constantly on your case as well as go into great detail keeping you informed, unlike so many lawyers out there. I have been represented by other law firms in the past, but this law firm goes far and beyond anything I have ever experienced. You will never have to wonder about your case or what is going on. Certainly, if it is a medical malpractice, failure to treat, or personal injury lawsuit you are contemplating, you MUST contact this law firm!

This is where you need to go. THANK YOU A MILLION.

Gary K.
May 11, 2016