Delay in Diagnosis of Meningitis Resulting in Cerebral Palsy

Settlement Amount: $4,350,000.00
Attorney: David A. Kulwicki

Description of Case: Brain injury suffered by newborn at Defendant hospital was result of medical negligence. Kulwicki persuaded two pediatricians, a nationally-known neonatologist, two infectious disease experts, a pediatric neurologist and a professor of nursing to testify against the hospital. Plaintiff developed symptoms of Group B strep meningitis that were ignored. The runaway infection caused permanent brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy. Hospital’s insurer eventually acknowledged wrongdoing by the hospital and its staff.
Nearly ten years after Plaintiff’s family had been told that they had no case, Kulwicki obtained a $4.25 million settlement on the eve of trial. The Plaintiff’s pediatrician contributed $100,000 to the settlement. Kulwicki assisted the family in finding specialized attorneys and investment advisors to insure that the settlement proceeds will provide care and security for the Plaintiff for the rest of his life.

Results may vary. See Verdicts and Settlements Disclaimer for further important information.

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