Failure to Timely Diagnose And Treat Patient With Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis


Settlement Amount: $5,250,000.00
Settlement Date: 7/2003
Attorney: Howard D. Mishkind

Description of Case: Plaintiff, a 43-year-old female, with history of rheumatic fever and mitral regurgitation presented to Defendant X. Her presenting symptoms included a fever, fatigue, chills and malaise. She was prescribed antibiotics and diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and possible sinusitis. Plaintiff’s symptoms continued over the next week and a half without any change in medical management or testing. Plaintiff was examined by Defendant Doctor Y and provided a history of 12 days of fever with continued cough. Neither Defendant detected a heart murmur during their examinations. Defendant Y ordered a complete blood count which revealed low grade leukocytosis and anemia. Neither physician suspected endocarditis and neither physician ordered blood cultures.

Plaintiff developed valvular vegetation on her heart valve which resulted in major embolization resulting in a stroke and significant central nervous system damage.

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