Brain Bleed Lawyer

If you’ve recently suffered a traumatic brain injury that involved a brain bleed, you likely have a long road to a full recovery ahead of you. As a result, you are likely starting to panic about not only the medical bills that have already begun to pile up but also about the medical expenses yet to come and the wages you are likely losing as you take time to recuperate. It is important that you understand that you do not need to navigate this financial burden alone. It is possible that you are entitled to significant compensation at this time, depending upon the nature of the circumstances that led to your injuries. Connecting with an attorney will help to clarify both your rights and your options under the law.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

As an experienced brain bleed lawyer – including those who practice at Davis & Brusca, LLC – can confirm, it is rare that TBIs occur that are “no one’s fault.” Most of the time, defective products, dangerous property conditions, professional malpractice, negligence, recklessness, or intentionally harmful conduct contribute to the cause(s) of any given brain bleed TBI. If your brain bleed was—in any way—caused by another’s misconduct, you may have grounds upon which to file a successful personal injury lawsuit.

Pursuing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

If your brain bleed occurred as a result of a work-related trauma, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Generally speaking, full-time and part-time employees of virtually all industries are entitled to this coverage. Employees of very small companies, some specialty industries, and individuals properly classified as independent contractors may not be eligible for these benefits.

If you are eligible for workers’ comp coverage, you should be entitled to these benefits regardless of the circumstances that led to your injuries—provided that you weren’t intoxicated, picking a fight, or trying to get hurt at the time that you sustained harm.

Having Settlement Offers and Insurance Payouts Evaluated

One of the many reasons why it can be helpful to speak with an attorney in the wake of sustaining a TBI is that experienced lawyers frequently help injury victims navigate insurance claims and evaluate settlement offers. It can be tempting to simply take whatever is offered by an insurance provider or offending party. However, working with an attorney will help to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled and that you don’t unknowingly sign away important legal rights.