Spinal Cord Injury During Spine Surgery


Settlement Amount: $2,100,000.00
Settlement Date: 12/2003
Attorney: Howard D. Mishkind, Lawrence F. Peskin

Description of Case: Plaintiff had a prior lumbar laminectomy and consulted a spine surgeon due to pain and cramping in his calf. The spine surgeon recommended a lumbar decompression surgery. Prior to surgery, the Plaintiff underwent an MRI that showed some abnormalities in the Plaintiff’s thoracic spine. The results of the MRI were not discussed with the Plaintiff. The Plaintiff consented to a lumbar laminectomy and decompression. The surgeon performed a thoracic procedure in addition to the lumbar decompression. During the procedure, the Plaintiff’s spinal cord was injured, resulting in severe chronic pain, as well as bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction.

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