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What to do When You Go to Your Doctor

The doctors appointment should not be taken lightly.  Be prepared!  Write down questions and ask the doctor your questions and concerns during your exam.  The physician-patient relationship is a two-way street and requires your accurate history of what is bothering you and the physician listening to your history and evaluating your complaints in the context of the examination.  Too often patients are intimidated by their doctor and fail to adequately prepare for and participate in the process.  Take a list of medications.  Don’t be afraid of your doctor and if he or she is too busy to listen, then there is truly a problem.

The Joint Commission has a series of animated videos that encourage patient participation and proactive involvement in your medical care.  Check them out and be informed. The Joint Commission encourages patient participation when interacting with a doctor.  If you have ever walked out of a doctor’s office and said to yourself “I forgot to mention (fill in the blank),” then you need to be prepared.  Write out your questions in advance and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Your doctor, no matter how busy he or she is, is there to treat you and to keep you healthy.  If he or she forgets their role in the healthcare system, tell them “I know you are busy, but I have a problem that is bothering me and I need your advice.” If the doctors is too busy or downplays your concerns, change doctors.

Check out the videos at the Joint Commission: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=227305470613202&oid=104533371063&comments

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