Hospital-Acquired Infections

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Hospital-Acquired Infections

Hospital-acquired infections happen all too often. There are multiple sources for acquiring infections before, during and after surgery. Poor infection prevention by the healthcare team can lead to the spread of infection from patient to patient. The prevention of infection, sepsis, organ failure and death requires that all member of the hospital staff understand how to prevent the spread of infection. There is no short-cut to keeping patients safe but now there is an increased awareness of the need to have a team approach from nurse to medical student to attending doctor to patient visitors. Hospital-acquired infections are frequently preventable if a team approach to prevention is taken. The Department of Health & Human Services has created a great video that explains the role everyone plays in preventing the spread of infections like MRSA and the avoidance of sepsis and organ failure. I would highly recommend to everyone that they view this interactive and informative video-

This video is extremely helpful and should be bookmarked for future reference. We all need to be part of the solution to prevent hospital acquired infections.

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