Getting Big Money Out of Elections

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Getting Big Money Out of Elections

At Mishkind Kulwicki Law, we represent the “little guy,” random Americans who paid for one kind of medical care but got something much, much worse.  The little guy gets knocked around by a healthcare system that is built for profit, not for safety.  The little guy can’t compete with Big Insurance, Big Medicine, Big Pharma and Big Business’ unified publicity machine, lobbyists or campaign dollars to change our dangerous healthcare system.  Even trial lawyers who represent the little guy cannot come close to competing with the resources of these Goliaths.  We can only try to get some compensation for the little guy after it’s already too late.  So, when a politician comes along who won’t accept money from corporations, their lawyers or other special interest groups, we take notice.  Meet Judge Bill O’Neill:  He is running for the Supreme Court of Ohio. And, he won’t take special interest money.  That’s worth blogging about.

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