Avoiding Spinal Cord Injuries During Surgery

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Avoiding Spinal Cord Injuries During Surgery

Recent medical studies show that spinal cord monitoring during spinal surgery and aorta repair surgery can prevent some avoidable spinal cord injuries from those surgeries, such as paraplegia and quadriplegia.  Monitoring is done using equipment, similar to an EEG, that monitors changes in sensory and electrical impulses that herald spinal cord compromise.  Once alerted to impending problems, physicians can take steps to avert permanent neurologic damage.

If you are interested in learning more abut these studies, click here:

Nuwer M, et al “Evidence-based guideline update: intraoperative spinal monitoring with somatosensory and transcranial electrical motor evoked potentials” Neurology 2012; 78: 585-589.

A common type of medical negligence arises out of physicians’ failure to take proper precautions during a surgery to fully protect their patient from harm.

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