Effects of Brain Injury in Children

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Effects of Brain Injury in Children

How often have you been told that kids bounce back from injury?  A recent study on the impact of mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) in children reports otherwise.  At Mishkind Kulwicki Law, we have extensive experience in handling cases in Ohio where clients suffer a brain injury, whether from trauma, like automobile accidents, or medical negligence, like birth injuries or delayed treatment of early or impending stroke.  TBI cases are always challenging, but this recent study sheds some light on what the future holds for children who sustain this injury.

The study, published in Journal Watch Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, reports that many children who sustain a head injury that results in loss of consciousness have persistent cognitive symptoms a year after the injury.  The study further contains recommendations for limiting these children’s participation in sports and for meeting the demands of school work.

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