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Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Nursing homes are required to follow specific rules and regulations in the care of their residents. The law in Ohio is intended to protect the rights of residents in nursing homes and to make sure that they are not neglected or abused. Too often, nursing homes put profits before the best interests of their patients. They fail to comply with staffing requirements and the nutritional and health needs of their patients. A person admitted to a nursing home has rights that are protected by law, but too often these rights are ignored and violated. Nursing homes have to comply with Federal and State laws and if they violate these laws, serious sanctions can be imposed including loss of certification. With a loss of certification, the nursing home will lose funding from State and Federal programs. Sanctions can result in a poorly run nursing home being put out of business. Ohio has a zero tolerance policy for allowing residents of nursing homes from being taken advantage of and from receiving care that threatens their lives and the quality of their lives.

If you believe a nursing home has neglected your loved one, take action. Part of that action should include consulting with an attorney to determine your rights. You should also consider contacting the Ohio Department of Health Nursing Homes/Facilities division at 614-752-9524 to report the abuse or neglect. It is important that not a single act of neglect or abuse should go unreported so that other residents in the future will be safe and free of harm when nursing homes decide not to follow the rules.

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