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Catastrophic Injuries in Ohio

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Cleveland, OH

A catastrophic injury is any serious injury that leaves the injured party in a condition whereby they suffer permanent disabilities for the rest of their life. In Ohio, a catastrophic injury can have serious and long-term effects on the victim and can cause enormous economic impact to the injured and their loved ones.

Skilled lawyers that represent big insurance companies or hospitals, try to minimize the impact of a serious injury so that the potential recovery can be limited. Why is that?  Insurance companies and their lawyers do not care about you or making sure that you are protected. They only care about the bottom line and that is to pay you as little as possible.

As an Ohio personal injury attorney and a patient advocate, I know just how difficult it is to overcome the bias and prejudice that exists in society about lawsuits and asking for large sums of money.  Jurors tend to believe that an injury is overstated or that the lawyer is trying to obtain “jackpot justice” for the client.  Not true!

If you have ever experienced a catastrophic injury or know someone that has a permanent disability caused by the negligence of others, you know the stress and difficulty that arises as a result of everyone thinking that you or your loved one has not been that seriously injured. Until you experience the ravages of a catastrophic injury that results in loss of gainful employment, huge medical expenses and the inability to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, it is difficult to truly appreciate the tremendous burden that such an injury places on the victim and their loved ones.

Injured innocent victims are often made to feel as if they are doing something wrong by pursing a lawsuit. Failure to obtain adequate compensation for these types of injuries can result in financial devastation and destruction of life and dignity of the injured party unless someone is willing to stand-up for their rights.

As an attorney that has fought for the rights of Ohio catastrophic injured parties for over 34+ years, I know the long-term implications of these injuries and how, without adequate and fair compensation for the harms and losses, the injured party will suffer again.  Also, unless the negligent party is held accountable, society picks up the bills through Medicaid and other resources that harm us all.  The hard-ache of not being adequately compensated by a jury or an insurance company opens wounds that can never heal. The mental anguish and discomfort of a permanent and disabling injury should never go uncompensated in our society of justice and fairness.

To all my clients that have been courageous and have refused to back down when others try to minimize their losses, I applaud you and your families. It has been my honor to represent you and I will continue to fight for the rights of the injured for years to come.  Don’t be misled by the hype and conservative radio pundits that say, lawyers and lawsuits are evil. What is evil is that too many people refuse to accept responsibility when they are wrong and try to blame others or deny responsibility for the harm caused and try to hide behind the popular blame the lawyer ritual.

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