Medical Malpractice Lawyer Cleveland, OH

As a Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer, my first interest is patient safety.  Having reviewed thousands of hospital records and office charts, I frequently see the catastrophic consequences of medical errors and medical mistakes.  Legislation has been proposed that will grant immunity to doctors and nurses on the front lines of caring for patients with Coronavirus or COVID-19.  As this pandemic wreaks havoc on our nation, it is tempting to grant blanket immunity to healthcare workers.  However, granting immunity creates a dangerous precedent, and the proposed immunity legislation is too broadly written.

All Americans owe a debt of gratitude to doctors and nurses who put their own lives at risk in order to care for our loved ones in the face of this viral epidemic.  Those healthcare providers are faced with many challenges, including inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE), a lack of ventilators, understaffing and shortages of other precious recourses.  Many of these problems could have been avoided by proper planning by hospitals.  Almost 20 years ago, the in