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You have probably heard a lot about truck driver fatigue, one of the leading causes of truck accidents. Truck driver fatigue is often caused by the long hours that truck drivers are required to work. However, extreme fatigue can affect many professions because of the demands of their jobs. One of the most prevalent is medical professional fatigue. This issue is also a dangerous one and can result in incidents of medical malpractice here in Ohio and across the country.

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Medical Professional Fatigue

It is understandable that anyone who works in the medical field can find it not only physically demanding, but also emotionally demanding. After all, people in the medical industry are dealing every day with life or death situations. This can have a heavy emotional toll on doctors, nurses, and others. In addition, these professionals often work long hours. All of this can result in a burn out situation. As a Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer can explain, a doctor or other medical professional suffering from burnout is much more liable to make a dangerous medical mistake.

Burn out is defined as job stress that results in anxiety, depression, emotional exhaustion, and physical exhaustion. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic surveyed almost 7,000 doctors on topics that included workplace safety, medical errors, fatigue, depression, burnout symptoms, and thoughts of suicide. According to the study, more than half of the doctors who participated said they were suffering from burnout symptoms. One-third shared that they were dealing with high fatigue.

The conclusions of the study are alarming. Medical errors occur at double the rate for doctors who are dealing with burnout and almost twice the rate for doctors dealing with high fatigue. At least 10 percent of those doctors surveyed admitted to making at least one medical error within the three months prior to the survey.

The research team concluded that medical errors were correlated with the level of burnout the doctors were dealing with. Researchers also felt that there is also a cyclical connection to medical errors and burnout rates. Medical errors can cause a medical professional to become burnt out, but the more burnt out a medical professional is, the more at risk they are of committing medical errors.

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