Medical Malpractice Lawyer Cleveland, OH

As a medical malpractice lawyer Cleveland, OH, I routinely review cases involving delayed diagnosis and delayed treatment.  The following is the discussion of the analysis that goes into deciding whether or not a provable case of medical negligence exists when a patient’s condition is not timely diagnosed or treated and a bad result occurs.  This blog post discusses both when a delay in diagnosis results in a delay in treatment, but also when a delay in treatment occurs after the correct diagnosis is made.

Delayed diagnosis cases frequently arise when there is a delay in diagnosing or treating cancer, infection, sepsis, spinal epidural abscess, meningitis, dissecting abdominal aortic aneurysm, impending heart attack, stroke, paralysis or any other medical condition that requires urgent or emergent treatment.

One of the most difficult aspects of representing families who have been victimized by a medical error, medical mistake or medical negligence is that the family bears the burden of proving the elements of a claim for medical negligence.  The burden of proof under Ohio law is by a preponderance of evidence, meaning that the fac