Medical Malpractice Lawyer Cleveland, OH

For a medical malpractice lawyer, radiology malpractice claims typically arise from common medical errors that result in delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis.  The mistakes include misinterpretation of films, failure to report incidental findings, miscommunication of critical results, failure correlate findings to clinical symptoms or failure to compare current films to previous films.  These categories of radiological negligence are discussed below.

Radiologists typically belong to a practice group that shares responsibility for reading routine and emergency films. Routine films are usually read by members of the radiology group on designated days. Emergency films are read by a radiologist who is designated to receive emergency films for interpretation. The radiologist is often not present at the hospital or imaging facility where the films are taken. In many cases, utilizing telehealth or telemedicine, the radiologist may review the films from a remote location, such as his or her home or office.  In some cases, the radiologist is in another State.

The first category of radiology malpractice arises out of the misinterpretation of films. These are often difficult cases. It is difficult to prove that a film was misinterpreted in a way that deviates from accepted standards of care. Radiologists will acknowledge that there is a margin of error in interpreting films. To some extent, the inte