FAQs: How Do I Choose an Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney?

//FAQs: How Do I Choose an Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney?

FAQs: How Do I Choose an Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney?

As a technical matter, clients can represent themselves in medical malpractice litigation in Ohio on a pro se basis. However, as a practical matter, medical negligence litigation is so complicated that it would be impossible for a lay person, or even a lawyer who does not specialize in medical negligence litigation, to represent themselves. Experienced medical negligence lawyers provide the resources necessary to carefully evaluate the merits in the setting of complex medical-legal issues. They also provide the resources necessary to fund the fees and case expenses associated with such litigation. Finally, experienced medical negligence lawyers provide valuable advice regarding settlement value or, if settlement fails, the skill to advocate for you effectively at trial.

Choosing a medical negligence lawyer will be one of the most important decisions that you will make for your case. Many lawyers advertise for medical negligence cases, but few have the experience and skill to provide effective legal representation. Some advertisers act as brokers, who do not actually represent the client. Instead, they refer the client to a qualified trial attorney for representation. The broker and trial attorney will then share in any attorney fee obtained. At Mishkind Kulwicki Law, we do not broker cases. We personally represent each client directly.

Other distinguishing factors to inquire about involve experience, results and peer recognition. Due to the complexity and high-stakes associated with medical negligence litigation, few inexperienced lawyers can provide competent representation, unless they are closely supervised by a more experienced attorney. At Mishkind Kulwicki Law, we have a combined 56 years of experience handling medical negligence claims. Results are another consideration. Mishkind Kulwicki Law lawyers are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and have recovered over 100,000,000.00 on behalf of clients. Finally, peer recognition is an important consideration. Mishkind Kulwicki Law lawyers have achieved the highest rating by the Martindale-Hubbell rating service and have been named Super Lawyers in Ohio.

Every medical negligence case is unique, though many share similarities. We have handled cases involving virtually every specialty of medicine. While we may not have handled your specific fact pattern, our global experience with medical negligence litigation and specific experience within the specialty of medicine involved in your case, qualifies us to handle your claim.

People interested in learning more about our firm’s legal services, including medical malpractice in Ohio, may ask questions or send us information about a particular case by phone or email. There is no charge for contacting us regarding your inquiry. A member of our medical-legal team will respond within 24 hours.
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