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Electronic health records Lawyer Cleveland OHAn electronic health records Lawyer Cleveland OH clients depend on from Mishkind Kulwicki Law Co, L.P.A. advises on all things electronic health record systems, including implementing, structuring, arranging, and protecting against privacy issues. The federal government provides incentives for hospitals and doctors to transition their medical records from paper from to electronic. By having electronic records, medical facilities can save money, reduce human error, and safeguard patient data. Many physicians prefer to have patient information entered into an electronic platform, as they can go about their day with more ease and find what they are looking for quickly.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records offer the same information that can be found in a patient’s paper form chart, however, in digital format it allows for quick and easy accessibility. Doctors, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacy workers, specialists, and other medical professionals can access, view, and add details for a specific patient. In this way, it can increase the doctor’s ability to make reasonable decisions about treatment.

The Pros and Cons

The potential benefits of having electronic patient information is that it provides a remote access to records and enhances patient communication and participation. But, there are also cons to consider as well. If the medical facility does not take proper precaution to protect patient data, then there may be a breach. When this happens, complaints and lawsuits may ensue.

In cases where electronic health records are not utilized properly, the repercussions can be serious. The last thing any hospital or doctor wants to face is a lawsuit or legal actions. Any flaws or glitches in the electronic system may not protect a doctor or the facility from liability. As your OH electronic health records Lawyer in Cleveland may explain, it is the duty of the healthcare provider to maintain and safeguard the patient’s information.

Some doctors suspect that electronic records slow down their capacity for treating patients. And tasks like copying information over between records can result in errors. Furthermore, outdated patient details may overwrite current information and may compromise diagnosis and treatment. Mistakes in the electronic system can cause medical errors, incorrect diagnosis, and complications with prescribed medications. Depending on the electronic platform, patient data may be hidden or obscured.

In the best case scenario, electronic health records can enable doctors and patients to easily view relevant information. In the worst case scenario, it can open up the opportunity for hackers to breach the platform, putting patient data at risk.

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With all the various kinds of situations where electronic health records can go wrong, it is imperative that you contact a law firm that is familiar with handling these situations. It is better to have legal guidance, than none at all — especially when it comes to the risk of breaching and losing patient data. Call Mishkind Kulwicki Law Co, L.P.A. for more insight about how an electronic health records Lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio can help.