Howard D. Mishkind, Esq. and David A. Kulwicki, Esq., principals in Mishkind Kulwicki Law, have devoted their legal careers to the representation of individuals who have suffered serious personal injury due to the fault of another.  Together, we have 60 plus years of experience in handling serious injury and wrongful death cases, resulting in over $200 Million in recoveries.  Given the unique nature of the cases that we handle, we are asked to represent clients throughout the State of Ohio and occasionally in courts located outside of Ohio.  We have tried over 100 jury trials and have represented clients in every major Ohio city and 27 different Ohio counties.  Our offices are located in Cleveland, Ohio, but we routinely travel throughout the State to meet clients and attend court appearances.  Mishkind Kulwicki Law is a statewide law practice.

Why should I consider a lawyer who is located in a different city?  Like everything in our increasingly complex world, handling cases involving serious personal injury and wrongful death has gotten increasingly complicated over the years.  Recently, laws affecting legal liability, limits on tort damages and the availability of insurance coverage, among others, have changed.  Legal rights are routinely affected by changes in State and Federal law.  In addition, medicine is constantly changing, and catastrophic injury cases usually require a deep understanding of the underlying medical issues.   Likewise, trial strategy and negotiation techniques are constantly being refined.  In short, experience and dedication to this narrow area of the law is imperative for you to receive the best representation possible.  Just like with specialists in the field of medicine, lawyers who handle more challenging injury cases tend to be located in Ohio’s bigger cities.

Will I have to travel?  We never make our clients travel to meet us.  We will travel to you if you live outside of the Cleveland area or if you are unable to travel.  Because we handle only catastrophic cases, we make it our business to get to where our clients need us.  Further, with cell phones, text messaging, and email in such common usage, our world has become small enough that we can communicate with our clients 7 days a week.

Are you familiar with our local court system?  The State of Ohio is made up of 88 different counties.  We have handled cases in 27 of those counties, including every major Ohio city.  Each county court is required to follow standardized State rules, which we apply almost daily.  In addition, counties publish Local Rules, with which we familiarize ourselves to comply with local judicial customs.  At times, we will hire a “local counsel” in a particular county to assist us in communicating with the local court, particularly on probate matters.  At times, we will file a lawsuit in a county that is more strategically favorable, even if the injury did not occur there and the client does not reside there.  For instance, as a general rule, jury verdicts tend to be more favorable in more populous counties than in rural counties.  So, your case might even fare better outside of your own county.  Whatever the situation, our client will not lose any strategic advantage by virtue of the fact that our office is located in Cleveland.