Spinal Epidural Abscess Lawyer in Cleveland, OHSpinal Epidural Abscess Lawyer in Cleveland, OH

If your health was recently put at risk after receiving an epidural or back surgery, you might need to contact a spinal epidural abscess lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio. But how can the right lawyer help you when you’re dealing with a serious medical complication? It takes a lot of information and communication to finally get your life back on track after a spinal epidural abscess, and a professional from Mishkind Kulwicki Law Co., L.P.A. can provide information and legal support to keep you afloat and keep you stable.

Spinal epidural abscesses are serious medical conditions, and any medical professional that caused a spinal epidural abscess should be held responsible. Read on to learn more about spinal epidural abscesses, and see what the right lawyer can do for you when you’re battling through your recovery.

What is a Spinal Epidural Abscess?

Your spine is more than just a string of bones and nerves. The human spine is a complex system of connected tissues, and an infection near your spinal cord can be fatal. A spinal epidural abscess is an infection that occurs in the epidural, a layer of fatty tissue around your spinal column. When this infection is left untreated, it grows and applies pressure to your spinal cord. This can cause a number of serious symptoms, and can even cause death.

What are the Warning Signs of a Spinal Epidural Abscess?

One of the most common signs of a spinal epidural abscess is back pain. While every case is different, most spinal epidural abscesses have a few other symptoms in common. Aside from back pain, a spinal epidural abscess can cause fever and neurological deterioration, which means a lack of feeling at the point of the abscess, and anywhere below the point of the abscess as well. Spinal epidural abscesses can also cause a loss of bladder control and overall weakness.

Who is Most At-Risk?

Epidurals are common in childbirth, but anyone who has had back surgery is at risk. An epidural injection occurs close to your spinal cord, and if your medical team was poorly prepared, equipped, or just negligent, they could cause a spinal epidural abscess. If this is the case, you should contact a spinal epidural abscess lawyer in Cleveland, OH as soon as possible.

What Does Recovery Entail?

While a spinal epidural abscess is potentially fatal, if it’s caught in time it can be effectively treated. However, treatment usually involves antibiotics and possibly even surgery. After treatment, chances are you’ll be dealing with a lengthy recovery period in which you are unable to work or perform many of your usual routine tasks. If you were able to get your spinal epidural abscess treated as soon as possible, you may still have to deal with the financial impact of lost wages and medical bills that you weren’t expecting – and you shouldn’t have to pay out of your own pocket.

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