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Medical Ethics: Dollars for Doctors

When you last visited your doctor, did you see a pharmaceutical salesperson with a large briefcase sitting in the lobby? Do  you know someone that has been injured due to medication errors? Have you ever wondered why?

How about the drug salesperson that shows up with a tray of cookies for the medical office staff? Does your doctor have any financial interest in having you take certain medications over others? These and other issues happen day-in and day-out and form the basis for serious medical ethics issues and potential medication errors and medical malpractice claims.

Does your doctor have your best interest in mind or is he more interested in the financial incentives offered by “big pharm” to promote their drugs? Are the drugs he suggests that you take the best medications for your condition or the most profitable for the drug companies?

Now you can determine through this great website whether your doctor is in it for the dollars or puts his patient’s best interest ahead of big profits. You will be amazed at the amount of money paid to doctors by drug companies and the various incentives they receive.  How often have you had your doctor tell you that he receives financial incentives to promote a certain drug? I bet the answer is never! Medical ethics dictate that disclosures should be made so that you know why a doctor is prescribing certain drugs over others.  At Mishkind Kulwicki Law, we handle all types of medical claims where serious injuries have occurred due to preventable mistakes. Medication errors are frequently a source of injury and may be related to the financial incentives that the physicians receive to promote a drug that may be contraindicated for a particular patient.

The more you know about your doctor and his medical ethics, the safer you will be.

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