car accident lawyer

Car accidents can already be complicated; but if multiple people were involved in a car accident, you have quite a few people who may have seen the accident from different points of view and you will have different insurances involved. Especially when this is the case, having a lawyer by your side can be one of the best ways to help when you are hoping to start a claim. The more people involved in a car accident, the more people you will likely have pointing fingers. 

I was a passenger in a car accident. What should I do? 

When you have been a passenger in a car accident and you are not sure who is at fault (and may not have been paying attention when the accident happened) you should consider filing a claim against the different drivers involved in the accident. So, if you were riding with your friend and a collision occurred, a lawyer might encourage you to pursue insurance compensation through your friend’s insurance as well as the other driver’s insurance. By filing a claim against both parties involved, this increases your chances of getting fair compensation if you were injured.

What if there were more than two vehicles involved in a crash? 

When more than two vehicles are involved in a crash, this can certainly complicate things when filing a claim. If one car rear-ends another car, then the second car crashes into a third car, you may be wondering who is at fault.  In this scenario, you may only be filing a claim against the original car that started the accident. However, it is always good to get everyone’s contact name and insurance information at the scene of the accident. When a chain reaction accident like this happens, working with a lawyer can be very valuable to help determine who initially caused the accident and a lawyer will help gather evidence from the scene to help you get as much compensation as possible. 

When you are dealing with a multiple-car accident, it can be hard to determine if one person is at fault or if multiple parties are responsible for the accident happening. If you need legal help after this type of car accident, reach out to your local lawyer now. They can help ensure you are getting the representation you need.