Car accidents can be stressful for anyone, but if you are injured in a car accident while pregnant, your concerns can be even more significant. As a car accident lawyer from an office like Hall Justice Law Firm can explain, you and your unborn child might sustain serious injuries; therefore, taking appropriate measures following a car accident can prevent adverse long-term outcomes. 

Complications of Car Accidents

Car accidents can have many consequences for pregnant women and their unborn children, including:

  • Premature birth. The impact of a car accident could cause a pregnant woman to go into early labor even if she has been pregnant for a short amount of time.
  • Miscarriage. A mother who sustains a severe injury from a car accident could miscarry due to trauma to her body.
  • Damage to the placenta. The impact of a car accident can cause the placenta to separate from a pregnant women’s uterus. Damage to the placenta can lead to premature birth, loss of oxygen and nutrients for the fetus, and excessive bleeding.
  • Injury to the fetus. The fetus in a mother’s womb might sustain head or other body trauma from the sudden impact of a car collision. In addition, brain injuries and other adverse physical consequences can occur.
  • High-risk pregnancy. Following a car accident, a pregnant woman may require ongoing monitoring from her healthcare provider to reduce the risk for complications that could manifest at any point through childbirth.

Care Following a Car Accident

Many people feel well immediately following an accident because a rush of adrenaline masks their discomfort –  however, some people experience debilitating symptoms days later. Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to musculoskeletal distress and other complications, and must seek a medical assessment for themselves and their unborn children as soon as possible.

An emergency room visit following an accident can ensure a pregnant woman receives the urgent care that could affect her pregnancy, even when she experiences no apparent symptoms. For instance, a trained medical professional can run any appropriate tests to detect and address potential health issues before leading to complications that affect the mother or child.

When a thorough obstetric exam does not reveal any concerns, a pregnant woman should continue to look for signs of fetal distress throughout the remainder of her pregnancy following a car accident. Symptoms that require urgent attention include spotting, abdominal pain, lack of fetal movement, and contractions.

Experiencing a car accident while you are pregnant can be a traumatizing and potentially devastating experience. Contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible if someone else’s negligence has led to complications with your pregnancy.