The moments after a car accident are frightening, and you may be left shaken and in a vulnerable state of mind. It is important to remain and calm after an accident however, as there are key steps you should take to protect yourself. A trusted and respected car accident lawyer understands the physical and emotional impact a car accident can leave on victims. It is natural to feel flustered after being in a car accident. However, in case you are ever involved in a car accident, you should be prepared and be aware of what steps you should take. 

Call the Local Authorities

Inform the police that you were involved in an accident and let them know the location. Remember to stay at the scene, as fleeing an accident site is against the law and you will be penalized with fines or jail time. Wait for a police officer or medical professional to arrive and follow their instructions. An officer may arrive late or may not be able to assist you if they have more serious incidents to respond to, but you should at least make an attempt to notify them. 

Receive Medical Attention 

Having a doctor or medical professional look after you following an accident is critical. You may not feel like you have suffered serious injurie