Every year, millions are injured or permanently disabled in car accidents nationwide. As you may know, insurance companies are very skilled at using your own words against you. It is important that you not give any statements to any insurance adjusters without speaking to a car accident lawyer first. You should also be very careful what you say at the scene of an accident. Here are some tips for things you should avoid saying after you are involved in an accident from our friends at Jeff Murphy Law.

“I Accept”

Never admit your fault, especially in front of other drivers or insurance adjusters. There can be many reasons why an insurance company denies a claim. Don’t do anything which might help them decide not to pay you for your injuries.

“I Am Sorry”

Eliminate the word sorry from all your statements. While it may be a tough habit to break, you must avoid saying it at all costs. The simple act of apologizing can eventually be used against you.

“I Am Not Hurt”

Most settlements depend on your injuries and the amount of damage to your car. Injuries can often appear later, even days or weeks after an accident.  If you are having any pain at all, you should seek medical assistanc