A New Jersey Devils player, unfortunately, had to miss the remainder of the 2022 NHL hockey season when he collided with another player during a game in early April. The New Jersey Devils player goes by the name of Jack Hughes and is already a great player at the tender age of 20 according to NHL.com. The injury happened when he and another player collided on the ice resulting in an injury to the knee. More specifically, the injury was stated to be a ‘low-grade MCL sprain’. Injuries happen for a variety of reasons and quite often to people who are involved in sports. Many hockey players deal with injuries that range from upper body injuries to ACL tears and ankle problems and more. 

Facing Injuries

Professional athletes face a variety of different injuries over their careers and have to find ways to overcome them. Knee injuries are some of the more common ways that both professional athletes and others become injured. These types of injuries can also be a nuisance to overcome and deal with. That’s why many people turn to different practices to recover. Some go to physical therapists, others go to doctors, and others find other ways to overcome. Jack Hughes will most likely have to go through an exercise regiment carefully mapped out by a professional. His recovery process may include certain exercises and stretches and goals to be completed at certain points along the recovery path.

 Dealing With Injuries

Dealing with injuries is never something that people enjoy having to deal with. However, in life, these things happen and must be faced head-on. Injuries happen for many reasons and could be from sporting events, car accidents, and many other origin points. Regardless of the reason though it’s important to get back on your feet. Getting checked out by a doctor to see what kind of potential damage has been done to the knee is important and may be a good way to prevent the knee from any further damage. There are many people who try to ignore the pain and carry on with their day. While this may be courageous in the short term it could lead to worse damage in the long term. 

 Assistance From a Knee Pain Doctor

If you are facing knee pain and are unsure how to overcome it then it may be time to visit a professional. A knee pain doctor in New Jersey residents trust can be a great source of understanding why the knee is in pain and how to overcome that pain. Contact the friendly staff at Northeast Spine & Wellness Center today to learn more about knee pain and how we can help you overcome it and get you back to feeling great again. There’s no reason to continue in discomfort and pain on a daily basis which is why our knee pain professionals are standing by ready to get you feeling great again.