personal injury lawyer Charlotte, NCA common summer hotspot, so to speak, is a lake. People go to cool off, swim, boat, fish, and enjoy time with friends and family. However, there are lots of dangers that can lurk at the lake, as a personal injury lawyer from our friends at Schehr Law knows all too well from negligent drownings to boating accidents, there is much that can go wrong. The lake should be a fun place, so to ensure that you and your family are able to enjoy a summer trip to the lake at its fullest, here are some tips to prevent injuries:

Boating: Obey the Laws

Getting together a large group of people on a boat is a good time, but it can also create the perfect storm of too many people and no one really paying attention. If you are the driver of the boat, do not drink while driving. If you are not the driver, make sure someone checks on the driver to ensure they are not drinking. They should also be following all posted signage from speed limits to places that are not available for public access. Drivers should be alert and aware of their surroundings to keep boat passengers safe along with everyone else in the surrounding waters.

Swimming: Be Visible

Many lakes have designated swimming areas that are roped off to keep swimmers safe. However, you can also take a boat to another spot on the lake and jump in from there. It is best that no matter which area you choose, you are visible. You do not want a swimmer boating accident. Also, if you encounter issues while in the water, other swimmers will be able to easily locate you and get you the help you need. If you are in an area with a lifeguard, this will also help them better keep an eye on you. If the designated swimming area does not have a lifeguard, use the buddy system and make sure that everyone is keeping an eye on each other.

Riding Jet Skis: Be Vigilant

Because jet skis are small and easy to drive, it is fun to take them zipping around the lake with friends. Make sure you do not weave in and out of boats at high speeds, as this can be dangerous for you on the jet ski but also the boats. Be vigilant of others that might be swimming so you do not run over them. Also follow all posted rules and regulations — those are there to keep you safe, not ruin your fun. Additionally, watch for debris in the water such as floating logs or trash that may cause an accident. Take a slow lap or two around the area where you plan to spend the most time to see if there are hidden rocks or debris or swimmers or other boats, and then plan accordingly so you can enjoy the ride while remaining safe.

Fishing: Let Others Know

As with all the other lake activities, stick to the designated fishing areas. You do not want people getting tangled up in lines and hooks. Make it clear to those around you that you have lines in the water — some lakes have rules about this such as setting up certain colored flags on your watercraft. Fish also do not like busy areas, so it’s best for everyone to pick a quiet spot to fish so that boating activities do not disturb them.

While these tips can help to keep you safe, they cannot always protect you or your loved ones. If you get into an accident and are injured, contact a lawyer near you for help.