Abuse at Nursing Homes

Abuse is something that many people are concerned about before moving into a nursing home. Families worry that their loved one may be forgotten or receive incorrect care at these facilities. That is why it is crucial to find a nursing home with stellar ratings and a highly experienced and trained staff. Some nursing homes unfortunately are inexperienced or have a staff that is poorly trained or lacking in motivation to do their jobs. For residents who live in these types of homes, there is a chance that they are not receiving the utmost care that they signed up for. Neglect is also considered abuse and is something that should be taken especially seriously. 

How to Tell if Abuse is Occurring

Abuse is not always obvious to spot. However, there are a few clear signs that abuse or neglect are occurring to your loved one. If you spot any strange bruising or cuts that are unexplainable, then this could be a sign of abuse. Sometimes the nursing home staff don’t lift or move residents properly from area to area. This could leave them with wounds. If your loved one is visibly or emotionally afraid around certain staff members, then this may also be a sign of abuse. Observe your loved one carefully and thoroughly when you are with them at the living facility. Any strange behavior should be noted. 

Common Types of Neglect

Nursing homes unfortunately sometimes fail to administer the care they are supposed to guarantee. Neglect is one of the common manifestations of their failing care. Neglect may be seen in a number of different residents not receiving proper drinking water, medicine administering, exercise time, or even meals.

What to do Next

It’s crucial to gather as much evidence as possible to prove that abuse or neglect are happening. Nobody should have to suffer, especially at a home that is supposed to be a place of refuge and care. Once evidence has been gathered and you or your loved one believe that a strong case can be pursued, then it’s time to contact a skilled nursing home abuse lawyer. These types of lawyers have the experience and knowledge to get the results that are deserved. Compensation may be awarded for some nursing home abuse cases. It’s important to hold these nursing homes to the standards they are supposed to be operating at. Don’t hesitate to contact legal counsel if you believe you or your loved one are being abused at a nursing home. It may not only help you for the future, but also countless others. Contact Davis & Brusca, LLC, for help with your case.