Personal Injury Lawyer

When an accident unfolds, it may be because we happened to be at the wrong place at the worst time. Accidents happen often, and there may not be one person or entity that caused it, it’s just bad luck. But in other cases, there may have been someone that should be held liable for the victim’s injuries and suffering. Identifying liability in a personal injury accident may not be easy, but it is worth it so the victim can get the care and financial support they need to recover. 

Here are examples of common personal injury accidents where someone may have been at-fault: 

Medical Malpractice

The negligence of medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, hospital facilities, and others can cause serious injury or even death to patients. The different kinds of medical malpractice entail misdiagnosis, surgical error, inappropriate treatment plan, medication mistakes, pharmacy errors, failure to diagnose, and birth injury. 

Wrongful Death

Surviving family members of someone who has passed may want to pursue a wrongful death case if another party was at-fault for what happened. Wrongful death lawsuits may follow a car crash incident, nursing home abuse, construction accident, defective products, and more. Any situation where someone died because of the recklessness or negligence of another may warrant legal action.

Car Accident

Vehicle collisions are one of the most common types of personal injury accidents, as they happen frequently everyday across the globe. Millions of people are seriously injured, at times fatally, because someone was driving without care on a shared road or highway. If manufacturers of faulty vehicle parts are found to have contributed to the accident, they may be held partially responsible in the personal injury case.

Workplace Accident

Employers must take the steps necessary to see that the work environment is as reasonably free from hazards as possible. Even in fields such as construction work, where the risk for injury is high, companies must establish safety protocols, provide functional safety equipment, and address workplace issues promptly and entirely. 

As a reputable personal injury lawyer from Brown Kiely, LLP would suggest, those who find themselves in the midst of a personal injury accident are encouraged to gather evidence and recruit a legal team to watch out for their best interests during recovery.